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American students studying abroad

    Learning is a part of growing up process and as long as we learn we grow. With technology increasingly globalizing our lives, we had to realize globalization is not a threat but opportunity. An opportunity that can be turned to financial revenue if & when we are equipped with adequate knowledge how can

Re-entry to United States of America on Fi or H1-B work visa

    Myth: If I leave the country then I may not be able to come back Truth: An individual can come back as many time as he or she wants if they have maintained proper immigration status while living in United States. Also, it’s preferable not required an individual has not broken any laws

IT Sweat Shops and Fake Resumes

    IT sweat shops have a lot of employees with fake resumes both international students and folks who directly apply for a work visa from foreign countries. These companies are playing gamble on big corporations since the giant firms run only a criminal background check not a thorough employment check before hiring many consultants.

H1- B Sweat Shops, Benching, and Lack of pay stubs on H1-B work Visa

    One major issue among international students requiring a H1-B work visa to continue to stay in United States post graduation is lack of knowledge or complacency in understanding what government agencies are tracking their validity in United States and what impacts violation of a federal law has on his or her long term

H1B Work Visa- Sponsorships / H1-B lottery & Consulting firms (IT Sweat Shops)

    International students enrollments in US universities in 1950 were approximately 35K as of compared to today over 800K international students enrolled in various universities, and community colleges. All these students are spread across multiple undergraduate and graduate degree programs competing to get a ~60 K H1B visa. The graduate degree holders gets an

International Students- F1 Visa, Federal, Immigration and Labor Laws

    Culture is the total knowledge of attitude, intellectual, and psychological behaviors, human emotions, and laws passed on by the members of a country. As an outsider human beings are taught to blend in i.e. mimic behavior, language, accents, dress codes etc. We are not trained to take the laws and systems of a