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Our organization typically does not serve one ethnic group or nationality, and therefore we do not get grants from individuals, corporations etc. that are inclined to help specific minority groups.

Also, we try to empower rather than help i.e. we are trying to provide the students adequate knowledge and a platform to help themselves before landing in troubles. This nature of “Empowerment” makes as unique but also makes it harder to be qualified for direct service based grants such as providing shelter, food, equipment’s etc.

Finally, we educate students on basic laws rather than STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), and so we do not qualify for STEM grants

Therefore, we seek grants from government, foundations and individuals who focus on charitable work, human services, human rights, Immigrant and minority rights etc. to empower us to continue our valuable service

Few Grants we believe we can access but are not granted yet are listed below
Department Of Justice
Funding Opportunity #: NIJ-2017-11160
Funding Opportunity Title: Research and Evaluation on Trafficking in Persons
Small Grants Program
Funding Opportunity #: PAS-TOKYO-FY2017-0001
Funding Opportunity Title: Small Grants Program
MEPI Local Grants Annual Program Statement
Funding Opportunity #: MEPI-MEPILG-17-001
Funding Opportunity Title: Local Grants Annual Program Statement