As of November, 08th 2016 as Trump got elected as the new President of the United States many International Students have 3 key anxieties, firstly will he or she ever get a F1-student visa approved to pursue education in America and secondly, even if they do will they be able to visit their families back home at all and finally, what if these students were unable to pursue their American dream of getting a job and eventually become a productive American Citizen.

Immigration lawyers have warned student visa and green card holders not to leave the country because of the risk that they will be barred from re-entry. Fear is also growing that the federal government may begin targeting students already here for deportation.

Major universities with large foreign student populations has policy not to voluntarily share information with the federal gov. about immigration status without subpoenas.

Students should have Immigration lawyers contact information immediately available to them and individual students should have a detailed discussion with their attorneys before leaving the country and get permission from attorneys to have the respective attorneys mobile number handy to contact if rejected re-entry at the port of entry.

For students who are entering the United States for the first time on a F1- Visa, it is advisable to start communicating with an US attorney and let the attorney know the day respective student is entering US and port of entry details so the attorney can be ready in case if the student has trouble entering the United States on a valid F1 student visa

Also, at this juncture it is prudent to learn about legal rights as a foreign student through government websites or attend one of our non-profit events. Our non-profit events bring speakers from all levels of government such as DOL (Department Of Labor), USCIS (United States Immigration Services), DHS (Department of Homeland Security), FDNS (Fraud Detection & National Security), EEC (Equal Employment Commission), Police officers and few of the nation’s best Immigration & Labor attorneys in “1” panel for a Face 2 Face conversation with international students.