The fact is as of April 01st 2017 United States government opened applications for H-1B visas, with allocations for 85,000 visas and 20,000 earmarked for those with master’s degrees or higher both untouched by Trump.

President Trump executive order at least not yet change the H1-B program as it is today but the orders does direct federal agencies to propose reform to the H1-B program. Part of the reform requires computer programmers applying for H-1B visas to prove the jobs require more advanced knowledge and experience. The changes come as companies have submitted applications for the controversial program.

Ironically, one of those unintended consequences could be an increase in the number of permanent resident workers (green card holders) who are currently working under H1B visas. President Trump values the educational background and professional skill set of foreign born workers.  As a lifelong businessman that utilized the H1B visa program, he realizes that there are some countries that offer a different educational or technical training to their citizens, and that US businesses can benefit from employing them.  He also favors allowing foreign students studying in the US to remain and work after graduation, to preserve the investment in that knowledge base.