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Problem Statement

The goal of the non-profit is to empower students who travel to foreign countries for education BEFORE they land in troubles. The students we work with need advice and guidance right now, so that they will learn to take the customs and laws of a foreign country seriously and not fall into bad habits or create a negative record that might haunt them in a long run simply out of ignorance.

Many universities provide help to foreign students to maintain their student visa or an orientation program but once the student graduates most of the students have little to no idea on how law is a part of the culture they choose to live in. International students are unaware of the necessity to understand the law, the benefits and limitations of the legal system in a foreign country when you are an outsider and how to build a peaceful, and prosperous future with lawfulness.

Program: International Students in the United States of America

International student’s enrollments in universities across the world has spiked. By 1950 approximately 35K students enrolled in study abroad programs as of compared to today over 800K students enrolled in various international universities, and community colleges. Universities pool in international students so they can pay full fees and boost profits for the school. International students have very few economic support systems apart from their family.

There are very minimal to no part time employment available for these students as they are not legally allowed to work outside the university campus. Also, these students have no understanding of legal impacts of their actions, and how federal, labor and other state laws work for a foreigner. Many students are first time graduates, or first to travel abroad and in many cases, even if they have an extend family members in the respective foreign countries the laws are constantly changing and it is important to know the benefits & Impacts of these laws directly from the respective government agencies.

Program: American Students Studying Abroad

It is more expensive “NOT” to study abroad. With raising tuition and competitive markets  American students need to be more competitive  and afford to get the necessary skill sets at a cheaper costs. We as Americans need to understand the benefit of globalization and perceive it as  an opportunity, not as a threat. There are several American student assistance programs available to help students get scholarship and pursue education in Europe & Asia. (Refer to articles under WBA section). Our programs intend to empower American students with necessary help from American Chamber of Commerce, local police officers in the respective countries and attorneys who can advice the students on potential long term future in the respective country.