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Proposed Strategy

The preliminary problem is currently addressed through our events in which speakers from multiple US government agencies, labor & immigration attorneys have a Face 2 Face conversation with international students. Students have an opportunity to ask questions directly to the folks who are currently working for US Immigration services, labor department etc. Also, the folks from the government have an opportunity to meet the real people behind the paper work they were handling for years. Video recordings in our testimonials page will reflect the emotional impact on both the students and US government officials.

I envision the solution in 3 phases
Phase 1
Right now, we need to hire 1 full time position immediately for communication & marketing. The position will maintain the social media pages, social media marketing and outreach. Also, be responsible for reaching out to potential universities and government entities across US with key responsibilities to establish partnership, schedule events and keep the foundation, and social media pages website updated. We want as many students and partners as possible across the globe to know of our foundation

Phase 2
One of the critical deliverable I wish to see is to generate multiple channels of economic support for student community. I intend to accomplish this through
•Partnering with the universities to hire  students part time. Since these students are not allowed to work outside the universities they can only work through the university for an organization / foundation.
•Expanding the non-profit in  Europe, and Asia.

Phase 3
World Beyond America (WBA): Establish platform for students from United States interested in pursuing education abroad across Europe and Asia. These students need to know how the customs and law work for them. How to set up a business as an American in foreign country, how to generate financial revenue out of the culture they are interested to be a part of and understand the importance of globalization, and that it’s not a threat but opportunity.