Wazenn, Nithesh

Founder & CEO
Wazenn, Nithesh was an US liaison to the research wing of a multinational company, who turned to be homeless, lived in the streets of New Jersey, kidnapped, lost immigration status, became illegal, got debarred from entering United States for ten years and lost footing in society. Eventually challenged his difficulties and established life in United States.

Mr. Wazenn working with Labor Racketeering Division in a fraud investigation helped over 146 international students regain their valid immigration status and back wages from a fraudulent employer. Mr. Wazenn has operational expertise across discrete manufacturing, oil & gas, and telecommunication companies in United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions and practiced as a paralegal specializing in business laws and Immigration. As of January 06th 2017, Wazenn, Nithesh resigned from all  his professional activities  and went out to start as  a climate change entrepreneur, and failed due to governmental regulations. Currently, he is working in operations in the Blockchain and revenue systems space for financial systems groups.
Attorney Omar Qadeer was born and raised in New York with his family having South Asian heritage. After completing his bachelors and masters in Psychology at the University of Buffalo, he continued his education by obtaining his law degree (Juris Doctor) and a second master’s degree (Criminal justice, MS).

Attorney Qadeer has been practicing in New Jersey since 2009. He is well liked by his clients and his willingness to go extra mile has earned him a reputation in the community as a strong and aggressive attorney.
Irene started volunteering for our foundation since she was a 19-year-old student at the University of Tampa (UT). Originally from Kenya, Irene has been able to complete two years of her education in Florida as a Communication Major with a Concentration in Media writing and double minor in Psychology and Art. She aspires to be a Journalist in the future and hopes to take over the world by storm with all that she has to offer.

During her two years in Florida, she has gained experience as an opinion writer and news writer for UT’s The Minaret newspaper, has worked as a host at WUTT Spartans radio station, and has been a weekly news reporter for the UT-TV station.

Currently, Irene is a news writer for Tampa’s local newspaper Creative Loafing and is determined to reach all her personal goals to achieve success. Her word of advice to everyone is to “Do better, live better and be better.”
Consultant-Fund Raising
Kenneth Hoffman began his fundraising consulting firm and specialist legal practice twenty‐seven years ago, as part of a career in the non‐profit world that began in 1978.  He offers a range of fundraising and legal services, including strategic planning, fundraising programs directed at foundation, individual, and corporate donors, board development, staff training, and advice on the establishment and management of publicly‐supported charities, especially those related to non‐US organizations.

Board Member

Patrolman Sabo is also a peacemaker and friend to all in Edison, NJ community. Sabo’s knowledge of community includes several trips to India for the past 20 years. Sabo’s has been essential to the Indian community in Edison and has explained to other police officers on Indian culture
Hurwit & Associates based out in Boston, MA has been representing the foundation since 2012 and the firm has provided tremendous support to help achieve and maintain a public charity status, filing taxes and many other legal matters pertaining to the foundation.