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We serve students communities interested in pursuing education abroad. The foundation runs 2 programs: One for International Students in United States (U in the USA) and  one  for American students traveling abroad for education

International Students in USA

The program is designed to empower international students in United States on the basic federal, labor and immigration laws that govern the constitution of United States.

Our events bring speakers from DOL (Department Of Labor), USCIS (United States Immigration Services), DHS (Department of Homeland Security), FDNS (Fraud Detection & National Security), EEC (Equal Employment Commission), American Chamber of Commerce, Police officers and few of the nation’s best Immigration & Labor attorneys all in “1” panel for a Face 2 Face conversation with international students

American Students Studying Abroad

Establish platform for students from United States interested in pursuing education abroad across Europe and Asia. These students need to know how the customs and law work for them. How to set up a business as an American in foreign country, how to generate financial revenue out of the culture they are interested to be a part of and impacts of local laws, policing etc. Fundamentally, understand the importance of globalization, and that it’s not a threat but opportunity.